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Friday, October 28, 2016

Indian oil tenders and Digital signature | Digital signature for IOCL tenders

Indian oil tenders and Digital signature | IOC tenders and Digital signature  :

Bidder should do the registration in the tender site using the option available.Then the Digital Signature registration has to be done with the e-token, after logging into the site. The e-token may be obtained from one of the authorized Certifying Authorities such as SIFY / nCode.eMudhra

The bidder may submit the bid documents either by online mode through the site or by manual mode to the TIA as indicated in the tender. If a bidder submits the bid, both online and in manual form, only the online bid will be acceptable.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Digital signature for BSE online submission

Digital signature for risk-based supervision to BSE using digital signature:

BSE, Asia's oldest bourse, has asked trading members to submit digital signature by September 15, for risk-based supervision system. 

The exchange introduced a new risk-based model for supervision of market entities, following regulator Sebi's directions.    

Trading members have been submitting risk-based supervision (RBS) data since 2013-14. However, there have been instances of delayed or non-submission of data. 

"RBS module will facilitate submission of RBS data for the half year ended September 2016 onwards, using digital signature. In order to facilitate the process, trading members are required to submit the digital signature of the Compliance Officer, which shall be used for authentication," Bsesaid in a circular. 

They need to ensure such submission to the exchange by September 15, 2016. 

 BSE, in March, announced that brokers will have to submit risk-based supervision data for half year ending September 30, 2016 by November 15. 

 Besides, the exchange, in consultation with Sebi formulated the timetable for submission of RBS data and also the penalty provisions for delayed or non-submission of such provision.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Digital signature for 15G and 15H uploading

Digital signature for 15G and 15H uploading:

Income tax department has introduced new process for filing of 15G and 15H online.

To file the “Statement of Form 15G/15H”, user should hold valid TAN and should be registered as “Tax Deductor & Collector”. If not already registered, he should Go to Register yourself- >Tax Deductor & Collector and complete the registration process.

The deductor who has TAN must possess valid pan encrypted digital signature  

Download FORM 15G/15H utility from Downloads page  Forms (Other than ITR) 

FORM 15G/FORM 15H (Consolidated) and prepare the xml zip file. 2) DSC is Mandatory to file FORM 15G/15H. 3) Generate signature for the zip file using DSC Management Utility (available under Downloads) 4) Login through TAN, Go to e-File -> Upload Form 15G/15H. 5) Upload the “Zip” file along with the signature file. 

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Digital signature to Participate in SBI e-auction | Looking to Buy Digital signature for SBI Property e-auction

Now it is open and transparent buying of bank certified auctioned offices, Shops,residences,Factories and lot more...

Successful bidders can avail loans from SBI as well. Participants must have valid Digital signature certificate.

Those who wish to buy e-auction property from SBI group can login to  and should procure Digital signature with sign and encryption.

User have a valid Class-II/III Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) with Signing & Encryption, issued by CCA (Controller of Certifying Authorities) in India. The details of the License CA’s are available on wherein the details have been mentioned.

System requirement for installing digital signature:

As per the new Inter-operability guidelines released by Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for a e-Procurement application is generated on a new algorithm, SHA2.Also, the Digital Certificates that will be applicable for these platforms have to be SHA2 algorithm compliant. For the same, the users have to ensure that they have Windows XP (SP3) / Windows Vista / Windows 7 installed in their respective PC / Laptop. In case of Windows XP service pack -3, if you get any issue you can install the SSL patch, which is available at our download section on site.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Looking for bulk signing of Form 16 and Form 16A ?

Many of the corporate will have requirement of signing form 16 in both set i.e. part-A and Part-B. It will be very herculean task to sign each page digitally using class 2 or class 3 Digital signature in token form.

Here is the solution if you have 1000 plus or 10000 pages of form 16 or Form 16A to be digitally signed in 10 minutes we have a solution.

Our digital signer will affix needed signature at needed pages

Some key benefits of Bulk digital signer:

  • Go green Go paperless
  • Save paper cost, printing cost & dispatch cost.
  • User-friendly, reliable & legally compliant with legally issued Digital signatures.
  • Insert digital signature in the PDF Form 16,Form 16A and other PDF documents.
  • Merging of PDF files.
  • Configure signature placement in PDF Form 16 files,Form 16A or any other document as per requirement.
  • Easily Sign using USB token signature.
  • Original PDF files are not modified. New file is created after signing.
  • Password Protected Signed PDF files can be generated.
  • Preview & Verify signed PDF files in Adobe PDF Reader.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Digital signature for applying IEC code | Digital signature for Import export license

IEC can be applied online using the listed documents Photograph, Pan Card and Passport ,Sale deed, Bank Certificate, Registration Certificate, Memorandum of understanding, partnership deed and
Declaration Document,oter ID, Driving License, Aadhaar Card and Cancelled Cheque 

Upon uploading documents and making needed payment can can submit online application using Digital Signature , if application is signed with Digital Certificate, physical application need not be sent to DGFT, RA concerned after it is uploaded online and submitted.

If you wish to procure digital signature certificate used in IEC  registration  contact S.kumar @09902977233 or login to 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Digital certificate requirement HPCL tender

What type of Digital certificate needed for HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED e-tenders?

For submitting the bid on-line it would be mandatory for bidders to obtain digital certificate (which will enable data encryption as well as digital signing). For information regarding digital certificate, bidders may visit For submitting the bid online, bidders are advised to follow the step by step procedure given under the link “Bidding Manual” at website .
For all online tender class 3B digital signature certificate is required.

Which digital certificate HPCL accepts?

Digital certificate is an electronic certificate (it is a software) which authenticates your login and used for data encryption for enhanced security of data. There are certifying authorities such as TCS, MTNL, SIFY, N-Code Solutions from whom you can get a digital certificate after paying their respective charges and providing them required documents.